About Us

Gagged, as the name exudes is a feeling of seeing something so amazing that you get a physical reaction, that's the reaction we seek when it comes to our brand and clothing!

Started in March'22 from the ashes of a consignment thrift store to being reborn as a home-grown brand, Gagged is a dream of every little queer boy who finds solace in colours, patterns and someone who eats fashion because it feeds them better! Walking along the line of 'For anyone and everyone' we stand for serving style to he, she and them.

Being bullied for having an "atrocious" style to finally being able to serve my designs to a plethora of people, everyday i see a portion of my dream becoming reality, it's not only my brain child but also a nurturing passion which i feed everyday to see it grow. Having an experience in corporate fashion marketing, Gagged witnesses a melange of a creative approach from me and my sister.

With my family and friends always being the spine of the brand, we aim to provide our family that we have built via gagged a reason and escape to be themselves, to celebrate themselves in colours, patterns and make fashion genderless again.

Owner, Director.